Sunday, March 15, 2020

Julia's Pantry Product Review

I am taking the day today and doing some cooking with products from Julia's Pantry. They we're gracious enough to send six products to try out. This company is family owned, and dates back four generations. They took their simple, delicious recipes and turned them into products every one can use and enjoy. The name of the store comes from a real Julia, a grandmother and her namesake daughter, and their real homemade products. The products they make are preservative free, and have no MSG.

First off I will use the wild boar sweet n sassy red pepper sauce and marinade for a sirloin steak, with some apple cider vinegar The sauce marinade comes in a cute cloth bag, 4oz's. You can marry the marinade with any type vinegar you wish. The smell is so inviting, and can't wait to for dinner after using these products. 

While the steak is marinating, I am getting tomorrows pork chops ready, by using the wild boar blazing bbq caramelizing butt rub. This went on to very thick pork chops, rubbing on both sides and then putting away in the fridge to grill tomorrow for dinner. These products make any boring recipe more exciting! Julia's Panty offers six of these butt rubs, just in case you can't decide which one you wish to try. Their rubs we're ranked in the April, 2017 edition in the American hunter article. The smell of the rub sends scents of brown sugar, and other bold scents, making your palette to begin to water. These products bring you to the South, where you get some good old fashion Southern cooking. In fact on their website with each product they make, they offer a recipe for it. 

The next step for getting dinner prepared for tonight, I am making some shrimp, and using Julia's Pantry Outer Banks Seafood Boil. This boil has no preservatives, and is all natural. After preparing the boil I took a little taste, and it was amazing, no to hot or overpowering, and not to sweet, just perfect. When I add the shrimp, I will also add in a few lemon half's. Then our dinner will be complete. 

Now while we wait, I am going to make Julia's Pantry, Chipotle Sassy Dip Mix, and serve it with some veggie sticks. The dip has a mild Chipotle pepper taste, with a hint of smoke. I think this would be great to also add it to beans, meatloaf and other recipes. I will be serving the dip cold, but their recipe on the website says it can be served hot as well. But for my dip I used the Chipotle Peach recipe on the back of the package. I mixed the dip and also added in some finely chopped chives. It came out fantastic, and it has a not to hot taste as well as not to sweet. Even with adding the peach preserves as called for, by adding the chopped chives, you got a sweet and savory dip. 

Well, we can't forget snacks for tonight, after all it's movie night Sunday with the family. So in a bowl we are having Julia's Pantry sassy peanuts. They have some sweet red pepper added to them, but tasting one they are balanced perfect with ingredients. The dash of heat is just right, nothing to over bearing. It was hard tasting one, because you want to dive in for many more! 

Last but not least, Julia's Pantry cook your own fresh pork rinds. These you can make fresh right in your microwave. You can serve 16 guests these gold pork rind pellets, right in your own kitchen. Tasting one, they we're the best rinds I have had in a long time. You can eat them plain, but I added a little Chipotle powder for a extra kick. These pork rinds have zero carbs, so who wouldn't love them. They are also great if you want to dip them in a salsa, or even one of Julia's Pantry's other dips she has available. 

Well dinner was finally done! We ate, we snacked, and our bellies are full of the most delicious products, that are made home made and with love.

For more information about Julia's Pantry, and all their fabulous products. Go to their website, There are a ton of great items to choose from, for your kitchen or as a gift idea.

Disclaimer: Momzblotterrantz's has personally reviewed the product listed above. Momzblotterrantz's has not received any monetary compensation for her review. Momzblotter did receive a free product to try out so Momzblotterrantz's could evaluate and use it for her review. Momzblotterrantz's thoughts & opinions in this review are unbiased & honest and your opinions may differ.

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